Incfile vs. Competitors: How Does It Stack Up?

Any new business, big or small, can benefit from saving time and effort on forming a business entity, filing tax returns, preparing business documents, and securing legal requirements at both state and federal level.

There are a host of these LLC formation services available online – with Incfile being the most experienced and trustworthy since 2004. In this article below we see how Incfile fares against its competitors in the market and compare the choices to find out which one gives you the best value for money.

After all, as an entrepreneur, keeping your startup costs lean can go a very long way for the future of your business.


Let’s start with looking at the pricing structure of Incfile. 

It comes in 3 tiers – Silver, Gold, and Platinum

The silver package is the most basic offering from Incfile, which provides preparation and filing of the Articles of Organization, unlimited name searches, and a free Registered Agent for the first year.

The Gold package is the most popular plan because of the addition of valuable features, such as the operating agreement, IRS Form 2553, banking resolution, and an online access dashboard to name but a few.

Incfile Gold also includes EIN (Employer Identification Number) processing. This is your federal tax ID that helps the IRS trace your business whenever you need to open a business bank account, hire staff, or file your taxes.

And as a final touch, Incfile handles all ongoing compliance filings with your state to ensure your business is not in breach of any state laws.

Incfile Platinum gives everything that the Starter and Pro services offer, but with several additional advantages and it also includes website, domain name, and email address services.

The rush filing service, only available in the premium tier, allows you to benefit from the quickest turnaround times when you’re setting up your business. This reduces the processing time to just a few days, from potentially up to 3 or 4 weeks.

All that you need to increase your business’s digital footprint is handled by Incfile Platinum, from securing a domain name, setting up your business email address, business contract templates, and the aforementioned expedited filing.

*Fees refer to varying state fees.

Comparing Incfile with Similar Products

Let’s look at 2 of Incfile’s competitors on the market – namely, LegalZoom and Swyft Filings.

LegalZoom starts their Economy business entity formation service at $178, which is far much more expensive than Incfile.

There is not much additional value in LegalZoom’s business filing services as compared to Incfile – and even if there was, it’s not significant when you take the big price difference into account!

While Swyft Filings and Incfile are both Texas based companies serving customers both in the U.S and abroad, the basic package for Swyft Filings is $49: far more expensive than Incfile.  Even more so however, Swyft will cost you $149 per year for a registered agent, a vitally important service in the business filing process which Incfile includes in its starter package!

Final Thoughts

After comparing all options, it seems that Incfile is the clear winner here.

It's the lowest priced out of all the choices, yet offers significantly more when it comes to helping small businesses kickstart their journey in the quickest way possible.

With its fantastic track record over the years since coming into the industry in 2004, Incfile has helped form over 800,000 businesses, with an “excellent” rating and over 3,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

We believe that Incfile will only improve over the next few years to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to grow and prosper!

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